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Welcome to Ensider.

Ensider services the German professional film makers community.

Welcome to German Creative Industries, Filmmakers and Executives!

Offers to our international client base are mainly in networking, marketing, business development and support of digital film markets.

In Academy there are qualification offer like as webinars, seminars and other qualification opportunities for executives, crew and film production management. Three conferences are presented in Forum for Entertainment, Talent and Film Finance Summit. These services are in German language only.

We provice also networking events, digital at our Lounge or in real life linked to international festivals and license markets also in English language.

As Ensider:Partner you get promotions and preferred access to our events, speaker slots and individual networking advantages.

Our Ensider:Servants observe the German production market and keep you up to date in your acquisition/ ressource management.

Find below some special offers to our international community in English language.

Please ask us for assistance or any kind of questions: welcome@ensider.net